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At TasteTravellers, we're not just about exploring new destinations; we're about creating connections and collaborations that enrich the travel experience for everyone. As we continue to set the standard in the travel community, we're thrilled to open doors for travel agencies and similar entities to join us on this journey. Our platform offers a unique blend of community-driven insights and strategic advertising opportunities, designed to elevate your presence in the travel industry.

🌏 Embrace the Community: Share Your Journey, Not Just Your Deals

Our community thrives on shared knowledge and experiences. Content that delves into travel itineraries, without directly pushing sales, finds a natural home within our interactive platform. This approach doesn't just share information; it builds trust and engagement, fostering a deeper connection with our audience.

🌟 Advertising Options Tailored for Impact

Elevate your brand's visibility and connect with a targeted audience through our exclusive social media marketing packages tailored for businesses like yours. Here's what we offer:

1. Comments & Messages Recommendation Package: Typically you got the choice to pay per mention as pro-rated per month or bundles of 20, 50, 100 mentions in comments across Facebook Travel Groups, our Community and the daily massive messages we receive, with the option to upgrade and select your mention's placement—first or second in the list. This premium feature is uniquely available once per country per service, ensuring exclusivity. Pricing is set monthly.

2. Comments & Messages Recommendation Premium Package: An enhanced version of our Basic package, offering unlimited mentions and the flexibility to choose the order of your mention for an additional fee. Enjoy unparalleled visibility, monthly.

3. YouTube Channel Feature: Your brand featured in our YouTube channel's feature section, including ads in our shorts and channel visits. Benefit from a fixed monthly rate without per-view charges, ensuring consistent exposure.

4. Dedicated Group Post on TasteTravellers: Promote your service, product, or package directly in our TasteTravellers - Travel the Globe community. Opt for our custom advertising banner or provide your own, adhering to our guidelines. Choose to craft your post or let us handle it for an additional fee to enhance trust and engagement. Charged per post.

5. Dedicated Facebook Page Post: Similar to our group post package but with the added advantage of our Facebook page's higher engagement and reach. We manage the posting process for a flat fee, ensuring your message is heard. Charged per post.

6. Instagram Slot: Be featured in our Instagram posts, reaching a highly targeted audience interested in travel. Your ad will be integrated seamlessly with our content, with the option for a standalone feature. Pricing is per service, with discounts for multiple services in one post.

7. Comprehensive Guide Mention Package: Get mentioned in our guides across multiple platforms, including YouTube, blogs, and Facebook groups and pages. Ideal for businesses offering services relevant to our travel itineraries, this package promises stress-free marketing and a boost in consumer interest. Opt for our all-in-one package for maximum exposure at a flat rate, with potential free advertisement when we feature your guide. Priced per guide or as a comprehensive package.

8. Facebook & Instagram Story Feature: Gain visibility through our stories on both Facebook and Instagram, reaching people actively seeking travel experiences. We handle the content creation, offering a hassle-free way to engage with potential customers. Instant release available, ensuring timely promotion. Priced per story, with a bundle option for both platforms.

9. Reel Mention: Feature in our highly engaging reels across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with a brief mention that drives interest in your service. Enjoy high engagement and reach without additional fees for custom banners. Priced per reel, with cross-platform benefits for long-term value.

10. Exclusive Reel Creation: For a personalized touch, we can create a dedicated reel showcasing your service, especially if we've visited your location. This option offers targeted advertising and hands-free marketing, ensuring your brand stands out.

11. Enhance Your Visibility with TasteTravellers' AI-Based Recommendations: Boost your tourism-related business by featuring it in our AI Travel Guide. Our advanced AI model recommends your hotel, restaurant, or travel service to users actively seeking travel-related information. This system ensures that your business is suggested based on specific location queries and other relevant factors, making each recommendation feel natural and timely rather than a direct advertisement. Connect with potential customers precisely when they are planning their travel experiences and looking for what you offer. Check our AI Guide at OpenAI

Our services are designed to connect your business with a travel-enthusiastic audience, leveraging our platform's reach and engagement. Note that terms and conditions apply, including content relevance and the possibility of price adjustments based on our platform's growth. Prices are per service, with ad longevity and visibility guidelines ensuring your investment yields maximum impact. From startups to enterprises, our pricing plans fit every budget. Contact us for a personalized quote ❤️

Unlock the potential of social media with our tailored packages, designed to elevate your brand and connect you with your ideal audience. Curious to see more? See our insights & reviews on our social media channels at below gallery of images

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Why do I need it?

It's straightforward! Promoting your business can be challenging, especially if it hasn't yet established significant credibility. Consumers often hesitate to engage with links from unfamiliar sources or businesses without recommendations. As Travel Digital Creators, we possess the expertise to elevate your brand and encourage people to experience your offerings. Our advertising strategies are meticulously designed to not only help your brand gain recognition and grow but also to support further expansion if your business is already well-established.

⭐Have it better, Get a discount!

Elevate your savings journey with our Enhanced Referral Program! Here's how it works: for every new customer you refer to us who avails of our services, you'll secure a monthly reward ranging from 1-10% off. This discount is yours for the taking each month, as long as your referred customer continues to engage with our services. If they choose a one-time service and decide to return for another in the following month, your discount extends into that next month too. However, should they not return, your discount concludes at the end of their initial service month.

But there's more – your discount rate isn't static; it grows with each unique customer you introduce to us. Remember, the goal is to refer different consumers to maximize your benefits, with the potential to climb all the way up to a 10% monthly discount. Start expanding your network today, and let every new referral boost your savings tomorrow!


Q: I have multiple services that could benefit from one of your packages. How does this work, and is there a possibility for a discount?

A: Absolutely, you're eligible for a discount! We recognize the uniqueness of each service you provide and are keen to delve into the specifics of each one. Our strategy is designed to ensure that every service receives a package perfectly tailored to its marketing requirements. Moreover, we provide customized pricing options, offering exceptional value when you opt to promote multiple services through us. This approach guarantees a more cost-effective solution for your comprehensive marketing needs.

Q: If I'm interested in acquiring multiple packages for a single service, can I expect a discount as well?

A: Definitely! Opting for multiple packages or services with us unlocks even more customized and favorable pricing. Our goal is to provide you with a pricing structure that not only meets your marketing needs but also offers the best value for the breadth of services you wish to promote.


1. Innovative Travel Solutions: Stay tuned for a game-changing travel initiative, set to launch this summer. Be part of this groundbreaking moment.
2. Future Advertising Opportunities: We're constantly evolving, just like the travel industry. Keep an eye out for new, innovative advertising avenues we'll be introducing soon. 


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